Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

 This is the start to my fifth week and it is flying by so freaking fast! Its hard not to be a little home sick going from America and having luxuries and privileges to Brazil and basically having nothing and our entire lives ruled down here. It makes it more and more difficult but the adjustment is getting better and better. I still think about home all the time but the reality has set in that I am here for two more years. I might as well take everything in that I can and enjoy it. I can't believe that it's already been a month from today that I entered the MTC and if time goes by as fast as this month I will be home before I know it! Seriously!

 So last Wednesday I got my hair cut and I essentially buzzed it. 1. Because it is to hot and 2. Because it was just to much to handle and I have no one to impress here. I'm starting to change already by thinking about others and not myself haha! We did service again but this time instead of sweeping a parking lot we swept a staircase. Yeah! We didn't know the staircase even existed so we call it the secret stair case. We do a lot of studying here!
Let me give an overview of our day:
 7:00 Breakfest
 7:30 Personal study
 8:30 Companion study
 9:05-10:15 Gym, they have two volley ball courts and a half court gym set up.
 10:30-12:00 Computer lab and personal study
 12:00 -1:00 Lunch
 1:00-4:30 Class
 4:30-6:00 Dinner
 6:00-9:00 Class lol
 9:00-9:30 Planning
 9:30-10:30 Get ready for bed and be in bed at 10:30 (at least try to be)

 Oh so on P-day I had bought some peanut butter and some oreo type cookies called bom vida for like 25 cents and it tasted soooo good!


I studied super duper hard all day and my mind about exploded. We had received these phrase books and in the back it has vocabulary words. I've studied the verbs so far that's like 300 words and that's on top of everything else, so needless to say my head really hurt that night! We learned about past subjunctive which I don't even know what all these English terms mean in my own language. Some of this is pretty difficult. Then we got feed back from our second teacher and she said me and my comp are making great progress and are doing awesome in the lessons!


Not much happened. God did try my patience. It seemed like every 2 hours on the dot someone tried to annoy me. I think God just wanted to mess with me or something because I was about to snap, haha. That evening I got some letters so I was able to take my mind off of the things that were bothering me. SHOUT OUT TO EMILY GOSS FOR SENDING ME A LETTER!


We had TRC, that's where we are recorded while we teach and then we get feed back. We then had an investigator who had some problems with prayer, so we had a follow up visit and taught him all about prayer and answered any questions that he had. We got feed back and our teacher said we did great so I'm pretty pumped. We learned to ask alot of questions and that makes a big difference! Oh so later that night the Brasilians on our floor decided to give each other haircuts at 11 pm.! They like butchered one kids head so now he has a huge bald spot. It was crazy!


 It's kind of like our day to relax. We have two hours of church and then 4 hours to sleep or write letters so I did both! Also, I decided I might as well have a change of heart, I kind of slacked off a little bit before this time and I figure it would be more fun to help people to work harder than be the one being pushed. So I set a bunch of goals and hopefully I can stick with them and start working my butt off. We had a fireside that night and it kind of comfirmend my goals. They said that if you work hard you will be blessed and have the most fun! So I'll try that out!


Mainly we jsut had to teach our teacher and he said that our Portuguese is improving and he is usually a stickler and he actually complemented us on it so that made me happy and feeling good about the language until we went out today, Tuesday, for P-day and we were totally humbled about everything and realized we still have so much to learn. Anyway, thats a summary of my days here, they really are going fast. There is purified water all through out the building so don't worry Mom. Also, we leave the MTC on Nov 27th and go to Brasilia. I'M SO EXCITED TO GET OUT! I can't be caged in like this hahah! I need free space to go and explore and move around. The same thing gets boring after a while but we are having great times and I realize that this is just a stepping stone to help me for what is to come. The city is crazy like the East Coast except there are motorcycles that go every where haha. This morning I got up at 4:00 am so I could write letters and read the ones you sent me. I got them on Monday so perfect timing. There was a crazy cool thunderstorm last night in Sao Paulo, the clouds were like a mist that encompassed the whole city, so where there were lights the whole city lit up. It really is magnificint! I can't wait to actually know everything in Portuguese. Everyone says that they learn the basics and religion stuff in the CTM but once they get out and with a companion that is from Brazil, it's hard but they learn really quick! So they said by about 4 to 5 months we will be fluent which is insane! I am going to double everything I know when you think about it. There is so much to learn! The people here are really nice. It's sad but time goes by so fast because all the days go so fast and they are all the same, so they mush together and the older guys we made friends with left but I'll see them in two years! Send me questions and I will answer them!

Thanks for all the prayers!

 Love you guys!

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