Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey everyone,

So, I have no idea what happened to the last three weeks and where it went, to be completely honest. We essentially do the same stuff every single day so things just seem like they mush together. I'll give you a day by day summary of what has been going on here! I feel like a veteran already! Most of my friends that are in the upper groups that got here before us have been leaving and thats pretty sad!

 Ok so on last Wednesday, we had to do service for an hour and they try to get the missionaries to help out around the CTM. So me and four other guys ended up sweeping a parking lot. After that we changed into our missionary attire and headed down for TRC where they record us while we teach an investigator, who is actually just Elders who have been here for awhile. We actually did pretty good and got great feed back. When meeting an investigator we have learned to ask tons of questions to get to know the person before we start teaching them. Later in the day we taught Jose, which is our teacher, but he acted as an investigator and we were really humbled because he talked in pure Portugese and we had no idea what he said.

 Thursday: We went to the Police Station and registered as residents for Brazil? I think thats right, we couldn't really understand them. If it's not religious stuff that they are speaking or simple words, it's hard to understand. That took three hours, we had to get up at 6:00 am for that. When we got back it was a Saints Day, so they decorated the cafeteria and we all got cupcakes. It was Saints day Friday but they celebrate all their holidays for like three days! Then, we as a district had to teach our teacher a lesson and we learned a valuable lesson,that we need to plan ahead and have a common goal or else we can't really get accomplished what we needed.

 Friday: We did our normal routine and played basketball. I have started to read the Book of Mormon in Portugese and translate it. It really helps to learn the language. We then have normal class the rest of the day.

 Saturday: The Brazilian Elders that were in our room left. They were super cool so it was kinda sad when they left. There was a gecko on our window, it was super sweet. Well thats about it.

 Love you all,

 Elder Norton

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