Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone,
 Things in Brazil are going great! I think time couldn’t have gone any faster these past couple or weeks. I’m at one end hoping that my whole mission goes this fast but then at the same time I know I should enjoy this experience because I will never have this chance again. I still get a little home sick here and there and I sure miss my Sunday cookies, there is a cookie store across the street from the MTC called Mr. Chenney’s cookies, they sort of compare to what I miss.

 So on Wednesday we traded our gym time..not by choice.. and we had to fold sheets for the new missionaries. I’m glad I’m not considered new; those first couple of days were absolutely rough, hahaha. Just because there is no phone and you have to go to classes all day haha. My buddies in here are great and I think that I will be best friends for a long long time with them. Oh so letters are literally like golden in this place and mean a lot to us missionaries. I never have appreciated them as much as I do now. The Brazil mail strike is over so it should only take 1 week to send and receive, so don’t be afraid to make my day!!!

 So we missed TRC today, where we teach and get recorded so that we can have feed back to see how we are teaching. I feel so much better about the language. Week 2 didn’t seem like we learned that much but all the older guys said after this the language goes faster and all the teacher’s speak pretty fluent English the first two weeks but from now on they are only going to speak in Portuguese so I’m in trouble! We do a ton of studying in the morning, about 3 hours and then about 6 or 7 hours of class every single day. By the end of the day I am so exhausted I am actually pumped for bed at 10:30. Food here on the outside is so cheap. We can get similar things to Oreos for like .25 cents a box, but clothes and toys here are like 3 times as much as in the U.S., it’s ridiculous. I hope that all is going well and I can’t wait to here from you guys!

 Con Amor! Elder Norton

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