Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First letter from the MTC

Hey guys!

I can’t believe that the first week is over and at the same time I want it to go by just as fast all mission but then at the same time I know I should enjoy every minute. I can and make the most of it because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. The first two days took absolutely forever! When I say forever I mean it! We got off the plane, came to the CTM and we had an introductory class with the Mission President, who is a super awesome guy. He used to be in charge of Pyrotechnics of like big events such as the super bowl. So then we had class pretty much the rest of the day! We even taught our very first investigator in English, thankfully. It is a requirement here at the CTM that the instructors have served a mission and can speak English. The crazy part is that they pretty much all taught themselves how to speak and write in English.

 So on the plane we all met up in Georgia there were about 18 other guys and they are all super cool. My companion is Elder Garrison and he is cool, he’s from Oregon. On the plane I handed out a pass along card to the guy sitting next to me, he was just coming home from his uncles and worked in Laguna Beach. He said that Brazil is very different than America and the import taxes here on American things are ridiculous like 40 percent so ill get used to American things. He said that for people to have credit cards here is absurd! They charge like 50% interest fees so the people don’t buy on credit. We did make it to the CTM in perfect time. The traffic is like East Coast except the motorcyclists are super insane and about 2 die every day here in Sao Paulo.

 So the first night we were taught how to conjugate verbs as well as start learning about religious verbs. I was quite surprised that the weather was cold, probably about only 50 degrees that night and the older missionaries said it was the coldest its been all year. So we got very lucky to have cool weather! Oh and all the water here is purified so its all safe to drink in the CTM.

 I will say that the spirit is so strong here and you can definitely tell a difference. The people here are super nice and the food is pretty good. The rice and beans are made with bacon so they taste great and the fruit is delicious way better than in the States. I have picked up quite a bit of Portuguese and I can understand them fairly well. They speak so fast and slur their words its hard to tell. Oh also when we are teaching Portuguese comes so easily because the Spirit is definitely guiding you. We gave a 30 min. talk about prayer in Portuguese and words I didn’t even know would pop into my mind. It sure makes you humble when 10 min later you can’t even remember those same words. Love you all and I’ll send some Portuguese phrases home next time!
Mike got a package from us!
Mike's District at the Sao Paulo Temple

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