Tuesday, October 9, 2012

General Conference Weekend

It's Sunday of General Conerence and on Sundays and P-days we have the opportunity to relax and write letters. Now, you know it's ok for you guys to send me more letters! I don't think you understand how much a letter is worth here. It probably is one of the best things ever so don't be affraid to send MORE!! THAT MEANS SEND MORE BTW!!! Keep me updated on the latest things in the world, we are seriuosly in a bubble. An update on the Patriots would be nice! Remember you can't send packages until I get to Brasilia but you can send lots of letters!

 Last night I had my first experience giving a blessing. One of the Elders had eaten something that made him really sick. The Spirit was very very strong. It was so cool that I could experience a blessing on my own for the first time.

 I am starting to understand more and more about the gospel as the days go by, it's really cool. I don't know if I mentioned it, but we watched all of Conference and Holland was by far my favorite. I actually took notes and enjoyed every session.

 Well, I need to go, we are going to the Temple today, I hope I have some more neat experiences like I did last week.

 Love you all, Mike, I mean Elder Norton(I am still getting used to that)

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