Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Powerful Gift

A gift that can't be seen can often mean the most, 
unheard of or spoken of for it is a law of that gift that no man can boast. 
 A power upon high sent down through a hazy sky, 
touches souls and opens a door, 
 for many blessings this gift can pour. 

 Through every touch it does convert while the foes doth pervert. 
Through the majestry it can be oevercome,
 for he is the more loving one. 
 This powerful gift changes lives,
 giving to those who strive. 
For eternal happiness cannot be bought it is only one that can be sought. 

 If you have this gift, you can atest,
 because of the warm fuzzy feeling in your chest.
 This gift also can't be purchased with money,
 and who could have guessed it would be sweeter than honey.
 The color of this gift must be white, 
and with this power comes a great fight.
 And through the color red our spirits will be fed,
 for no exception can be said.
 For those who bestow this gift know that it is not a myth.
 For trials are sure to come, staying strong till the final drum.
 For we shall enter up into a kingdom come,
 but remember this,
 That powerful gift cannot be bought so seek the teachings and feel not distraught. 

 By Elder Norton

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